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Hawaii Broadband News

Hawaii - American Samoa Fiber Landed

Governor's Jan 28  Broadband Press Conference

Oceanic Upgrades to Enable 20Mbps Download Speeds in 2009

PC Magazine Ranks Hawaii Broadband Speeds 49 out of 50 States

Akamai's 2nd Study Reports Hawaii STILL Last in Percentage Connections at 5Mbps or More

Hawaii One of 24 States with DECREASING Effective Download Rates

Google's Fiber Plans to Bypass Hawaii

Undersea Fiber Creating Trade Routes for This Century?

Trials of Getting Broadband Access in Rural Hawaii

New Fiber System: SoutheastAsia - Hawaii - USmainland

New Australia - Hawaii Fiber System

French Polynesia-to-Hawaii Fiber System

Hawaii's Broadband Competition Inches Up the Megabits

National Broadband News

Time-Warner Cable Exploring Fiber-to-the-Home Approaches - Hawaii as a Model?

More on Time-Warner's Exploration of FTTH

A Plan to Extend Super-Fast Broadband Connections

Toward Consensus on a National Broadband Strategy?

Why Broadband Matters - Summary by Charles Benton

Expert Policy Paper on Open Access Fiber Networks

Building a 21st Century Broadband Superhighway

U.S. Drops Further in Broadband Rankings

U.S. 16th in Broadband Speed in Oxford/Cisco Study

Broadband Would Provide Annual Economic Stimulus of $134 Billion - $578 Million in Hawaii

Telemedicine over "Smart Networks" Could Save $197B over 25 Years

Broadband Could Reduce Greenhouse Gases by 1 Billion Tons

Verizon Saves Money Replacing Copper with Fiber

Study Calls for 1Gbps Broadband for U.S.

Achieving Competitive Speeds will Require a Full Fiber America

Blueprint for Big Broadband Not Big Enough

NATOA Releases Principles for Broadband

No Consensus Yet on State Broadband Strategies

Structural Separation - How U.S. Regulation Has Gone Wrong

Time Warner Cable Upgrades to DOCSIS 3.0 to be Competitively Surgical
(Fortunately, local sources indicate Hawaii upgrades planned for 2009)

Own your Own Fiber Connection?

Lack of Coordination of Broadband Nodes Leads to Visual Blight

Post-mortem for Broadband over Power Lines (BPL)

International Broadband News

Australian Govt to Sponsor High-Speed National Broadband Network

KDDI to Launch 1Gbps Residential Services in Japan for 5985 Yen, including Voice

Korea Plans for 1Gbps Broadband Services by 2012

Intl Telecoms Union Advocates Infrastructure Sharing to Reduce Costs

Open Access FTTH in Amsterdam

Latvia FTTH to Boost Speeds from 100Mbps to 500Mbps

Getting to Open Networks for Economic Stimulus - Australia's Challenges

Own (or Control) Your Internet Access -- How to Share Fiber

OECD Broadband Portal
Check out latest data on broadband in developed nations.  

ITIF Report on Why the US Lags Internationally
Key findings that government and industry must recognize if we are to find the right course for the United States, and key policy recommendations tol drive greater broadband performance.

How Other Countries Do Broadband Better

Coming Soon: 1Gbps Symmetric Fiber Services.  Just not in the U.S.

OECD: Japan, Korea lead in fiber-optic broadband

Swisscom to Deploy Fiber to Households

Growth in Fiber-to-the-Home Outpacing Cable Modems
Fiber also up to 15 times cheaper than DSL and 7 times cheaper than cable...

New Zealand's Research Network Launches Nationwide IPTV Service

Australia Opens Bids for Broadband Network to Improve Competitiveness

Australia Shows How Real Broadband Policy Works

Singapore Investing in Open Fiber to Every Home by 2015

Plans for Open Fiber to the Home for all of New Zealand

France's Competitive Fiber-to-the-Home Offerings and Prices (!!!)
30Euros ($44)/month for 100Mbps Internet, unlimited calling, 100 TV channels w/HDT, DVR & VoD, Wifi!

Hong Kong Abandons Mere 10Mbps Connection Service
"Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) ... is charging consumers USD48.50 per month for a 100Mbps fibre connection... HKBN is ceasing to accept new applications for its entry-level bb10 service, which provides symmetrical speeds of up to 10Mbps"

Conference Highlights Models for Fiber-to-the-Premises
Highlights include Marvin Sirbu's excellent presentation on the impacts of topology choices on competition, Grant Forsyth's insightful analysis of the potential of the transnational business market and how regulation should be less consumer focused, and Shigeo Okamoto's glimpse into the US fiber future (hopefully) which is, of course, Japan's present...

European Commission Develops New Broaband Performance Index

NTT DoCoMo to Offer Super3G in 2009?
Could deliver download speeds of up to 250Mbps and uploads of 50Mbps

State Task Forces and Initiatives

National Conference of State Legislatures Broadband Policy Page
National Governors Association Report on States' Broadband Strategies

Alliance for Public Technologies/CWA Summary of State Broadband Initiatives

New York
North Carolina

Related Organizations, Web Sites and News

Benton Foundation
Internet Innovation Alliance
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Internet Society's "Worth a Read" Selections
Speed Matters Library

Archived Items

Hawaii Residents Spend Lots of Time Online
An Advertiser article defines Hawaii usage patterns and the need for speed.

Bandwidth is Hawaii's Crucial Need
Op-Ed Piece from Cliff Miyake, Time Warner Telecom

Hawaii Must Keep Improving Telecom Infrastructure
A Star-Bulletin article from May 12, 2008

Honolulu Broadband Penetration at 59%
Tied for 6th-highest among cities nationwide

Is  U.S. stuck in Internet's Slow Lane?
"The United States is starting to look like a slowpoke on the Internet. Examples abound of countries that have faster and cheaper broadband connections, and more of their population connected to them."

U.S. Drops Further in Broadband Rankings
"New broadband data released today by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) shows that the United States now ranks 15th out of the 30 member nations in per capita broadband use — down from 12th place just six months ago and dropping from fourth place in 2001."

In an effort to increase the data that the Federal Communications Commission has available as it designs broadband policies, on Thursday the FCC ordered broadband providers to provide the agency with more detailed information.
U.S. in the broadband slow lane: GAP WITH OTHER COUNTRIES IS WIDENING
Excerpt: "The United States invented the Internet. But it's falling behind in the global broadband race.  In 2001, it was fourth in the number of broadband subscribers per capita. Now it's 15th.   What's more, high-speed Internet service in countries like Japan, France and South Korea is many times faster than in the United States and noticeably cheaper."  This article also includes a fantastic graphic comparing broadband services in different countries.