August 2011: Governor Abercrombie announces Hawaii Broadband Initiative

July 2011: University of Hawaii Joins Gig.U initiative

May 2011: HB1342 enacted as Act 151 - Eases broadband permitting and pole access

December 1, 2010: Initial Hawaii Broadband Maps Released

September 10, 2010: Broadband Stimulus Grant Announced to Connect Public Schools, Libraries, Colleges with Fiber Optics at Gigabit Speeds

July 6, 2010: HB2698 Enacted as Act 199 - Begins implementation of activities to achieve Hawaii's broadband goals; adds the funtions of telework promotion and broadband assistance to the State Dept of Commerce and Consumer Affairs; establishes a telework promotion and broadband assistance advisory council.

March 2010: Hawaii Application to Google Fiber for Communities Program

June 30, 2009: The Hawaii Broadband Task Force has sunsetted after two years of existence, as specified when it was created.  This site remains as a historical record with only key Hawaii broadband milestones after this date noted above.

December 31, 2008: Final Report of the Hawaii Broadband Task Force


HBTF in the News
Aug 4, 2009: Broadband in Hawaii
Apr 2, 2009: Hawaii Public Radio Town Square Discussion of Broadband Bill (~1hr)
Mar 20, 2009: Hawaii Broadband Efforts Can Unlock New Potential

Feb 25, 2009: Hawaii Broadband on the Hot Seat
Feb 5, 2009: SpeedMatters Report on HBTF
Feb 2, 2009: Honolulu Advertiser Editorial Support on Task Force Report
Feb 1, 2009: Honolulu Star-Bulletin Editorial on Importance of Broadband
Jan 29, 2009: InformationWeek on Hawaii's Broadband Plans
Jan 27, 2009: Honolulu Advertiser Editorial on State-of-the-State including Broadband
Jan 27, 2009: Honolulu Star-Bulletin Editorial on State-of-the-State including Broadband
Oct 21, 2008: Presentation by Chair to Hawaii Telecoms Association
Sep 30, 2008: Senator Inouye's Broadband Data Improvement Bill Passes
Aug 18, 2008: Cisco Exec Warns Hawaii Broadband Task Force about Bandwidth Needs
Aug 13, 2008: Hawaii Broadband & Task Force on Bytemarks Cafe (about 20 mins after start)
Aug 8, 2008: Pacific Business News Story on Hawaii Broadband Task Force

Hawaii's Broadband Task Force was established through Act 2 of the First Special Session of 2007.  Official agendas and minutes of the Task Force are posted on the meetings page of the web site of the Office of the Auditor.  Copies of most presentations given at Task Force meetings are available in the Documents section of this web site.  

hands using a mouseThe working vision statement established by the Task Force is: "Hawaii understands that advanced broadband is essential infrastructure for the innovation economy and knowledge society of the 21st century.  As a result of proactive policy initiatives, Hawaii residents and businesses throughout the State have access to advanced broadband services of the caliber and at at the pricing available in the leading developed nations of the world."

The initial interim report of the Task Force was provided to the 2008 Legislature.  The final report was submitted in December, 2008.  Legislative bills to implement key Task Force recommendations were introduced in January 2009 by the State Administration, Senate Majority, House Majority and House Minority.  No bills had passed by the end of the 2009 Legislative Session, however at the time of the sunsetting of the Task Force on June 30, 2009, HB984 remains alive for the 2010 Legislative Session.

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